Can a community of investors work together to create mutual wealth?
SAVE is a community driven token that reinvests 100% of its weekly earnings back into the community.
The token will always have a buy order for 100% of the circulating supply at 90% the current sale order price
The buy order price will never decrease. Ever.
The sale order price will never increase more than 1 XRP a week.

Why do projects need airdrops, promotions, and salaries?
SAVE on XRPL has eliminated giveaways.
Eliminated promotions.
Will never pay a salary.
No overhead period

Why does the price of a token have to drop?
SAVE on XRPL believes a token price never has to drop.
Don’t get trapped by a bear market or poor liquidity.
SAVE always offers a 100% buyback of tokens at 90% of the current sale price.

Project SAVE on XRPL is an experiment in the collective appreciation of value.


The current Sell Order and Buy Order are canceled.

Circulation is increased by 50 SAVE.

Sales and Buybacks are applied to earnings.

Earnings are equally divided between Reserve and Reinvest.

Weekly Reserve is used to purchase SAVE at market price for Reserve.
See Whitepaper Section REWARDS & PROJECT RESERVES for more details.

Weekly Reinvest is used to calculate the Weekly Increase in the Sell and Buy Price.
The order quantities are updated based on Circulation.

View the spreadsheet with the calculations weekly buy order price increases
Weekly Calculations and Data


Issuer Wallet

Operations Wallet

Earnings Wallet

Rewards Wallet

Total Supply: 115,000
Release schedule: 50 SAVE per week

Initial Sell Price: 10 XRP each
Buyback Price: 90% of the current sale price

Reserved for Project: 7,500 SAVE
Reserved for Rewards: 7,500 SAVE
Deducted from earnings weekly
Will only be distributed once funded

Monthly AMA

AMAs are held on the SAVE Cooperative Discord server found here:


Holding five SAVE grants you a member to the SAVE Cooperative. Membership entitles you to security of investment, a commitment to growth, an open community, and the ability to directly influence the direction of SAVE.

Follow this link to sign in with XUMM and gain access to the Holders ONLY Telegram Channel:


Created by Doczol

All donations will be reinvested into SAVE
Donations of your talents and a bit of time are preferred.